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Taking a BITE out of Crack Repair!


The StitchDogTM Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch

with ERT Crack Repair System revolutionizes

concrete crack repair by combining carbon

fiber stitching embedded in a structural

epoxy adhesive. A true structural concrete repair that

can be used for vertical or horizontal crack

repair and concrete restoration.

Concrete crack repair on a driveway prior to overcoating


Very few concrete crack repairs fail immediately. It is longterm creep and fatigue of material injected in concrete cracks with movement of the foundation that can fail over time. By stitching concrete crack repairs with carbon fiber stitches, this creep is eliminated and improves the long term performance!

Measuring StitchDog™ concrete crack repair carbon fiber grid stitches

Concrete Repair Made Easy

The StitchDog™ Carbon Fiber Grid Stitches (CFGS) for concrete crack repair are easily installed across the face of the concrete crack repair line and the load is distributed away from the concrete crack repair line to the portion of the substrate that isn’t cracked. This prevents fatigue and re-cracking.  With  StitchDog™ Carbon Fiber Grid Stitches (CFGS) installed, you can be confident the concrete crack will not reoccur at the injection site and the concrete repair will last.  StitchDog™ is a simple and fast concrete restoration product that you will love!